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About My Wonderful City, Hamilton, Ontario

The first European settlers came to this area around the time of the American Revolution and the War of 1812.  In 1815, after the war George Hamilton settled here and created a town site. Hamilton became a city in 1846.

Hamilton became a city of heavy industry and was a hot bed of working-class activism.  In 1872 it was a strong voice encouraging the maximum nine hour work day.  Hamilton became an imprtant city providing iron and steel.  During the First World War Hamilton boomed as the demand for steel, arms, munitions and testiles increased.  This created a building boom.  However, in the 1930's Hamilton was greatly affected by the Great Depression.  The Second World War created a turn around in Hamilton's economy but cost the city dearly in lost lives of young men at Dieppe.

Hamilton has been nicknamed Steeltown, Ambitious City, The Hammer, Hammertown, and the Lunch Bucket City all due to Hamilton's history as a major steel producing industrial city.

Things have changed and today different aspects of Health Care have taken over as the number one employer in Hamilton.  There has also been extensive growth in the areas of Education, Government Services and Technology as well as Agriculture/Food Processing.

It is very exciting for me to watch the evolution of this beautiful waterfront city as we change and re-define ourselves.  All the while we are still enjoying a vibrant manufacturing and transportation sector.

What an incredible location we have in the "Golden Horseshoe".  We have bragging rights as "The Waterfall Capital of the World".  Beautiful "ly situated between Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment and extending over the escarpment.

Hamilton has a population of over 500,000 people and a stable economy and Real Estate Market.  In 2011 Hamilton was ranked by the Real Estate Investment Network of Canada as the best place to invest in over the next five years and the third best in all of Canada.  The FDI Magazine a publication of the Financial Times ranked Hamilton in third place of the large North American cities for quality of life.

Hamilton boasts a diverse community rich in culture, history and incredible architecture.  Hamilton is also a city with a fast growing vibrant community in the arts, including music, theatre and art.  If this is of interest you won't want to miss the Art CrawlsEspecially the annual Super Crawl!

We are a city with a desire to grow and improve and a wonderful city to raise a family.

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